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Topic: Re:massaging messengers can be messy
Posted by: stumped
Date/Time: 16/10/2002 04:53:27

It's silly, but it's true

#1...Gene Rooney/John Grinder (Gene via Lead Consultants- he may have just shifted out of NLP seminars) I haven't actually sat down in a group led by John, but after many many video and audio tapes, I don't need to know what his breath smells like to know he can't be topped.

#2...Robert Dilts (I appreciate Dr Grinder's attempts to point out the flaws in some of Dilt's definitions, but as Grinder is fond to point out, it's all about usefulness- Dilts, in my experience is a master at helping people operationalize knowledge)

#3...Jeff Rose (Yea, he is not prone to call what he teaches NLP, but it has enough elements; he told me about this list.  He only does personal consulting and it's made a huge difference in my work.  He questions many of the assumptions, but he maintains the strong impact...hey, Jeff, do I get a discount for putting you in my top five)

#4...Steven Gilligan (again, he has different words for what exactly he does, but he's top-notch...I get the impression that if you want a sense of what it was like to hang with Milton, you should hang with Gilligan...not as much anymore as he is doing a lot to separate himself)

#5...Richard Bandler (I think he's the only one left)...just kidding...really #5 should go to....................I have no idea at this point

I'm stumped

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