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Topic: Toronto May 4th presentation
Posted by: Pat Milland
Date/Time: 23/05/2002 16:24:43


I read the Anchor Point review of your book and was truly looking forward to your all day presentation in Toronto.  As a huge fan of Chris Keeler, I wanted to support him in the success of the 'Grinder day'. 

I am sorry to say that I was very disappointed in what was offered.  It was unfortunate you decided to gear the presentation to the non-NLP attendees - and even at that - the information, particularly from Carmen, was repetitive and below basic.  The whole day's info could have been delivered in half the time.  John was somewhat interesting and altogether too short. 

I got more out of the Anchor Point interview. 

The exercise Carmen offered (I had the impression there were supposed to be more than one) was poorly explained and therefore not as effective as it could have been.  Perhaps Carmen may consider staying with writing only rather doing public speaking.

John, it was nice to see you have mellowed somewhat over the years.  My 1st encounter with you was at the International Conference here in Toronto in 1991.

Bottom line - I might pay to see John again.  I would not recommend anyone pay (or otherwise) to hear Carmen present although I would recommend they read anything co-written with John. 

Pat Milland

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