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Topic: Re:Re:Re:John vs Richard
Posted by: Jim R
Date/Time: 25/10/2002 20:50:11


I suggest that your rambling wont't ever "dicover" what broke the rapport between John and Richard. You would have to been there "live" and in person witnessing the interaction between the two men to detect that.and it wasn't necessarily a break in rapport but a difference in direction of NLP that they chose to make which John Grinder has already explained

Lets reprase the question:"What modeling can be completed with mindreading??

None in IMHO.

while you've analyed the written and studio made products developed by these two men and formed your own conclusions about the supposed differences, WITHOUT verifying any of it in sensory experiience from the actual people involved. you've done very little and so its far from complete

find someone to model, not some thing. that's where the distinctions to be found are. and that's what John and Richard did

Jim R

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