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Topic: Re:Introductions
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 27/10/2002 01:09:22


You wrote "I also wanted to comment on what a breath of fresh air this site is after some of the other NLP sites I have visited"

As Web Master here – I say thank you for your feedback with respect to the site.

Stepping out of my Web Master position I say-

Ulic made some sound recommendations for introductory text. I also recommend NLP Demystified – by Pucelik and Lewis. 

Many new comers to NLP have given positive  feedback in this forum with respect to Whispering in the Wind being their first introduction to NLP. You might want to read WITW after you read which ever introductory book you chose. You will then have a loose framework which you can build upon and modify  by reading Whispering.

The above is of course dependent on your personal learning style.

Have fun with whatever text you chose as your introduction. To learn NLP you really need to experience it through your senses. A good  NLP  course is the way to experience NLP in action.

Michael Carroll

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