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Topic: Re:Modeling Psychic Phenomenon
Posted by: Patty Ratcliff
Date/Time: 30/10/2002 13:47:19

Hi Michael,

I agree with your post.  There was a wonderful article in the New York times relativly recently in which a skeptical reported desribes his experience of interviewing Johnathon Edwards.

At the last minute before going to talk with Edwards, this reporter grabbed a friend of his who was way beyond skeptical and asked him to come along. 

After the interview portion of their time together, Edwards began to do a reading for the interviewer.  He said that there was somebody trying to make contact whos name was Peter and who was showing him a whole bunch of airplanes.  Well, the friend who came along, Paul, was a bit shocked because his father had recently passed whos name was Peter and who had spent his life as an airplane mechanic.  None of this had been mentioned to Edwards and Edwards had no knowledge that Paul would be at the interview. 

Paul told Edwards that what he was saying made sense to him.  Without anymore information, Edwards said something like, "Your father is wanting me to tease you about the hoola-hoop and the aligator; he's making me feel like you'll get embarrassed about this."  Paul was dumbfounded. When he was a little boy he had a stuffed animal which was an aligator with a hoola-hoop attached to it. Paul would not go to sleep without this toy. In fact, he would wet his bed whenever he didn't have it.  This was something that his father used to playfully make fun of him for.  Pauls friend, the reporter from the new york times, didn't even know this.  Edwards went on to mention that Paul's father was showing Edwards certain sybols that he often interpreted, or 'read', as meaning that Paul wasn't able to be with his father when he died.  Paul said this was so.  Edward's then said, "Your father is making me feel that you knew you needed to go home- you knew you should get home sooner in some way." Paul said he came very close to changing his plane tickets because he felt he should be there. Edwards said something like, "Your father is showing me that he is with somebody; this would be like a brother of yours, but very very young. Your dad says that, kelly or ok and with him."  Paul began crying- his brother, Kelly, had died when he was just 3 years old. 

Needless to say Paul went away with a new set of questions concerning the nature/limitations of consciousness.

My friend had a very short reading with Edwards in an airport (Edwards wasn't very happy about being approached for a reading, but did spend a minute with her).  Right off the bat, without my friend saying a word, Edwards said, "I'm seeing a Birthday Cake with June 16th on it, and I'm getting the feeling that this would be somebody like a grandparent who is coming through." My friend, Heather, had very recently lost her Great-Grandmother whos birthday was June 16th.  Then Edwards said, "She's showing me an image of tiny red shoes, like baby shoes...She's making me feel like she is delighted with what you've done with these shoes" Indeed, Heather's Grandmother had given her a set of ceramic little red shoes just before she passed. Heather decided to put them in the lap of a ceramic old man Great Grandma had also given her...Then Johnathon's plane was ready had he warmly shook her hand and had to leave.

He's legit.  And a little cheezy.  But a decent person who is doing what he can with his specific abilities. He's not always right on, and, yes, he is somtimes vauge.  But isn't that the nature of perception. It is very difficult to consciously control the clarity of our sense organs, isn't it?

The difference between somebody who is really psychic and somebody who isn't is that he latter will always remain vauge and let YOU fill in the spaces- they can do this so well that it is very very hard to spot. But a fake (cold reader, they call it) will never start off a conversation with something like, "Your sister is coming through with images of broken flowers and she's teasing you about the cabbage in your car" A legit psychic will very often get specific information like that  off the bat.

I don't think NLP is set up to model this sort of thing- there isn't a lot of code congruence between NLP and the implications of these sorts of abilities. I'm sure NLP could model some cool stuff about states and strategies, but the gap is fairly wide. I'd like to be surprised.  Fortunately, NLP doesn't have to.  There are some very good descriptions of how to develop super-sensible capacities that aren't woo woo, new age or any of that.  If you are interested I can send you some information...


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