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Topic: Re:Re:Re:The future of these discussions
Posted by: Ulic
Date/Time: 31/10/2002 15:56:30

Thanks for the great reference, Jon.

I think that site could be a useful template for building a modeling project site.

Scanning through the projects on SourceForge, it looks like each project is buily upon a standard template that makes reference easy. It also looks like there is adequate ability to customize as needed.

I also like the "Most Active" and "Top Downloads" strategy. It would be interesting to add a reputation system (similar to amazon and ebay's) that allow users / readers to rate the quality of models, project methodology and ratings of the ratings.

Without trying to sound too abstract, it would be interesting to model the most effective modeling methodologies. This may be challenging in written form and may also encourage users to skip the unconscious uptake step.

I am curious regarding the value of unconscious uptake relative to different domains. Has anyone else addressed or thought about this?

For example, from my limited experience in these realms, I have had great success using unconscious uptake to model physical activites and influence strategies. I have not found unconscious uptake as useful for modeling math or XML development.


- Ulic

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