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Topic: Re:Re:a question for Dr Grinder
Posted by: Robin
Date/Time: 30/05/2002 11:08:24

Hi sherilla, nj

nj, she says she's reading the book and asking a question about the epistemology so her post is totally relevant.  Epistemology is just the study of how we know what we know and many people have asked the same question that you are asking.. is our knowledge of the world limited by our nervous system?  What exactly are the capabilities of our body mind?  Is there such a thing as thinking which is not bound in human bodies?  If you're understanding what John Grinder is writing about then there are lots more books you'll be able to understand that may help you answer the question- but I believe no one really knows the answer.  Robert Anton Wilson is an author who has written many interesting books on this subject- Cosmic Trigger, Quantum Psychology, Prometheus Unbound are a few.  Personaly I have met several people in my life who had the same abilities that danny had and they had learnt how to use their talents wisely.   Enjoy!!

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