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Topic: Re:NLP & Erickson
Posted by: Thomas (another one)
Date/Time: 09/11/2002 12:47:49

Hi Thomas,

That is a very pretty name your parents gave you :-)

Anyway, I know the question was not directed at me, but I will offer a comment anyway.

The nutshell quote - I have no idea if it is authentic or not - but it has always made me think that well thats pretty good, isn't it. Grinder and Bandler didn't actually want to capture the Dr Erickson inside that nutshell, they just wanted the formal characteristics of what he was doing, so in principle anyone could pour whatever content he or she wished into the form of the nutshell and thus create their own personal "nut", so to speak. I.e. while the Milton model obviously only describes a small small fraction of Dr Ericksons behavior it describes this linguistic behavior in such a way that it may be used efficiently in contexts far away from a hypnotists office.

Now, given my own, perhaps peculiar and idiosyncratic view of what nutshell is I would of course say that this is a great principle for modelling - it means we can go out and create models off excellent behavior, and we do not have to copy the idiosyncratic behaviors of the people exhibiting the behaviors. After all they are sometimes a bit nutty, aren't they? - And I am not implying that doctor Erickson was a nut in any way, just that there are plenty of strange creatures out there who are capable of wonderful things.

So, give me all the nutshells you've got, and spare me the nuts :-)

All the best

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