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Topic: Web Master's Suggestions; please read
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 31/05/2002 02:40:44

Michael Carroll here web master of this enterprise.

I hope you are all enjoying the interaction. Please pass the news of this exciting forum around the NLP Community.

You might have noticed there are no formal guidelines published in this forum,  although there will be soon. To keep the chat on track I make the following comments.

This forum was set up as means to provide interested members of the NLP community to involve themselves in the discussion and hopefully, the development of a set of actions congruent with the recommendations we offer in Whispering. We encourage all interested parties to express their responses here. Please keep your postings relevant to the contents of Whispering. The book is so comprehensive so you have a broad scope.

The following topics will appear here in the near future as a series of mini forums to keep the discussion focussed.  

1. Modeling
2. Applications
3. New Code
4. Proposed Solutions to Puzzles and Recommendations
5. Origins and Definitions
6. Epistemology

Until the mini forums are loaded, I suggest we begin getting a direction to the forum along the lines of the threads above. On that basis, could you please indicate in the title of your post which category your post falls into from the 6 mentioned above. For example if you are making a post regarding the 6 Step Reframe you would in your title state- Applications; 6 step reframe. If you are making a post regarding a model you would like to present, in your title write- Modeling; XYZ model, and so on.

John and Carmen are very active in this forum, much more active than I thought they would be when we (John, Carmen and Michael), had our preliminary discussions in setting this site up. I am grateful for their participation, they have got us of to a fantastic start. As the forum grows, John and Carmen may not be able to answer all question posed to them, and I have no idea how their criterion to personally replying to individual questions. I do know one of their John and Carmen's) outcomes for this forum is to get people talking to each other on the huge variety of topics they present in Whispering under the topic headings listed above. So let that chat begin across the forum, i.e discussion amongst contributors about our experiences of implementing what’s written in Whispering in our work, and how we plan to carve out an exciting NLP future. I know that this is what John and Carmen would dearly love to witness happening here. So lets make it happen!

Have fun,


Michael Carroll
Web Master

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