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Topic: Re:back to the basics--meta model
Posted by: James Bond
Date/Time: 31/05/2002 23:03:48

   Thank you for some feed back and new direction on your post from two distinguished young men like yourselves Mr G and Mr C.

   As you already know  I have been on the road doing espionage work for more than forty years (feels like 100 years} fighting off many villians who want to rule the world. My battles these days start to weakens my mind and one begins to question ones ability to serve her Majesty of Defenxe.

    May be this book of yours Whiskers in the Wind is a good tool to look at to sharpen my intuive senses. Let me take my red Ferrari for a spin down to our local English Walmart get some bright read thru color highliters and get in to your new code (system)this weekend. May be turn on some R and B and go for it!  Better yet I will have my M assist me!We can learn together. She is willing!

JG and MC I will send you a detailed report and keep you posted  in regards to Whiskers as soon as I know where/how my mission is going towards you!

Lets all meet each other later on this post and as Bartles and James (an old english firm) said

Thank you for the support.


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