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Topic: Modeling - Feedback
Posted by: Michael Norman
Date/Time: 21/11/2002 11:55:08

Hi John & Carmen... again!

Three cheers for both of you for this wonderful site. I know I've said it before, but you really do need to be congratulated!

One quick question:

I'm doing a lot of modeling at the moment. I did a lot of it consciously & unconsciously in the past. Your book has opened up massive new vistas! Now I'm modeling and evolving at speeds I've never experienced before... by doing everything unconsciously (other than choosing the model).

My question is directed at John.

John, when you and RB modeled Erickson, and you were 'being Milton' with your clients, did you judge the feedback you got from your clients, as you worked with them, completely unconsciously?

ie: was the only feedback you were aware of
consciously, the big chunk feedback of what the client demonstrated in the context of their life that they needed the change?

It would seem an impossible task at the beginning of modeling Milton to have sorted the feedback you got with your clients, consciously.

So I wanted to check in with you as to whether you recommend I rely totally on my unconscious to know if what I'm doing is getting the same results as my model -- at least in the beginning.

Thanks again!

Michael Norman

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