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Topic: Modelling and First Position
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 25/11/2002 21:24:17

Dear John and Carmen,

A couple of years ago I trained with someone who taught elements of NLP at an unconscious level, without explicit conscious explanation. One strategy was to have trainees deep trance identify with him repetitively. I never realised how dangerous it was to do this without a safety net, becoming quite unwell in a way which persisted for quite some time afterwards. It has made me both wary of DTI type experiences and also to become interested in the kinds of strategies and filters that one can set up as safety lines.

There is little of this written about explicitly in NLP, nor in any modelling trainings I have been on, though various extracts from "Whispering" have begun to put together the elements of moving safely and ecologically between clean perceptual positions. I was wondering what more advice you can give to ensure would be modellers can return safely to 1st position leaving behind the model's undesirable elements. You alluded to setting up various filters through conscious/unconscious communication and I would be grateful for any further elucidation you might offer.

My own efforts have revolved around various grounding and centreing exercises also utilising such kinaesthetic variables as the weight of the watch on my wrist, rings on my finger etc. For example, removing these prior to DTI and putting them on again afterwards. Saying my name in a particular way with a particular kinaestheic resonance in my chest. Even "physically" stepping out and leaving myself behind "over there" whilst stepping into 2nd position with a "safety cord" attached! Asking my unconscious to integrate only those things that fit ecologically with my personality and outcomes etc.

I believe that setting up effective personal boundaries is a very important first part of modelling, both as a "before" and an "after", and would appreciate any further specific instructions and strategies you would be prepared to discuss.

With kind regards,


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