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Topic: Re:Re:ReRe:An Answer to John Grinder #1
Posted by: Zigfield Roy
Date/Time: 25/11/2002 22:26:13

To Keith


I really enjoyed your clever and informative reply.  Now to simply understand with more detail of what you actually are saying context wise.   Mind I ask a few more probing questions?


How does all these transforms/filters that Dr Grinders and MS Bostics'outline and define in Whispering  relate to communicating with more detail? More precision?   

Keith how does Dr Halls use of state upon state relate to building a higher skill level for me a begginer?  Doesn't a strong state just follow naturally if I am in the moment (demon state)
mebecause I posses ntally a clear direction in mind from my present state to my desired state? Do I really need to bump myself up into another higher state of mind. Doesn't that sensory switch with some F2 descriptions just muddy my focus and load up my internal dialogue which will limit my ability to see what is right there in front of me at that precise moment?

Example..If I am on the telephone selling widgets and getting strong responses from my prospcts using a simple telescript and my state and use of language is tuned into the other individuals model of the world gaining rapport and getting favorable results why would I move to another state? Why would I need another skill unless out of a new necesity popping up?

Your attention and perception again deeply appreciated


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