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Topic: Re:Re:Modelling and First Position
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 26/11/2002 21:51:36


Thankyou for taking the time to give a very full and fascinating reply. Your examples of the process of NLP modelling "in action", together with how you perceived the ongoing feedback from your output, are the kind of experiences that really bring the subject to life.

And not only that - whilst I was reading I had a personal insight about a chronic gastric symptom I have being a "warning" about getting too "good" a second position with many of my patients. I get excellent rapport, but at what personal price!

Together with the realisation, on further exploration, that what I thought was my "normal" first position is actually contaminated by second, you have helped me resolve to delve deeper into this whole area. No wonder some aspects of first position felt uncomfortable...I haven't lived there fully for quite some time!!



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