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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Modelling and First Position
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 27/11/2002 00:59:21


You wrote

"Together with the realisation, on further exploration, that what I thought was my "normal" first position is actually contaminated by second, you have helped me resolve to delve deeper into this whole area. No wonder some aspects of first position felt uncomfortable...I haven't lived there fully for quite some time!!"

I cite a case where a modeller developed diabetes after extensive DTI with Milton Erickson - as evidence of the power of assuming another person's filters through DTI.  Whether the shift (DTI) is conscious or unconscious the effects are equally as profound.

My first thought- is how important it is for a Medical Doctor GP - to arrange his/her filters so their own physical and mental health is maintained in full health. As we have discussed over identification through PP2 is something that could impact physical health over a period of time. There is the other thing to consider is  the perceptual position and state the doctor is in when presenting the diagnosis - to avoid the possibility of self-suggestion.

My hallucination is that many Doctors know of what can occur as result of what is loosely called " over identification with patient" in the medical field, but few doctors have the resources we have been discussing in this thread-  to arrange their filters both consciously  an unconsciously to support them. When I refer to resources I mean a simple understanding of how to use perceptual positions and develop unconscious signals within themselves. I would consider this vital education for people working in the medical field and am curious if such training is now occurring in universities for the doctors of the future and what training is currently available to practising medical doctors?

Has any one ever modelled doctors who are excellent in their field who maintain excellent physical health to discover what mental processes they employ to maintain excellent health?  This would be high value project "government health organistions" world wide and the individuals in the field.


Michael Carroll

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