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Topic: Re:Articles
Posted by: Mark MacLean
Date/Time: 12/12/2002 09:08:01

Hi Robert,

You wrote,

"I found 2 interesting articles you might enjoy"

First of all I don't think they were lost or misplaced, although after reading them, I did find them to be quite misplaced on this discussion board.

For anyone who is interested in saving some is (only in my opinion), what these two links lead to, (besides wasted time).

An 8 page article, heavy on opinion, background story, and perceived possible "facts", about a murder trial involving Richard Bandler. To me, it was interesting content, (like watching COPS or something equally mindless), having heard nothing of it before, but completely useless (execpt to prompt me to further improve my reading speed), particularly in regards to these disscussions, and this site.;=5&catID;=2

The next, a 5 page article filled with the "facts and fiction" about hypnosis, starting with a "swinging watch" and then proceeding to spout on about "hyponotizability", and "faking it"...blah, blah, blah...seemingly written by someone who has little/no reference point of personal hynosis expereince. Again I found nothing pertinient or relavent to this site, or these discussions. Perhaps I didn't look quite hard enough, but that's not my suspition.

To Robert, if they relate, (at all), please clairify.

To others, (at the comfortable risk of assuming), you're welcome.


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