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Topic: Re:Exemplars and Modelling
Posted by: Harlan Kilstein
Date/Time: 20/12/2002 00:45:46

Some time ago I modeled two master negotiators for a project I did in David Gordon's modeling workshop.

One subject was very cooperative from the start.  The other was hostile and I produced a model that was accurate and could be replicated.  Whether or not the exemplar was happy with the results was not important.

When John and Richard modeled Erickson, as I understand, his response was two-fold. 

First, as he wrote in his intro, he was pleased to read their work and recognized patterns that he had been unaware of.

Second, he was resistant to the idea that he could be modeled.  That's where the quote arose that B&G; got the shell but not the nut.

Every time I have trained with Dave Dobson, his comment is that John and Richard gave him a terminoligy to describe what he was doing.  In mock outrage, he wanted to know what gave them the right to understand these complex patterns so quickly.

I do not believe that the exemplar has to like the project - unless they are paying you for it.

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