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Topic: Re:Re:Exemplars and Modelling
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 20/12/2002 02:18:39


Where do you get the idea that Erickson was resistant to the idea that he could be modeled"

The nut and shell metaphor has a ton of intrepretations - my favorite being the one posted on an earlier thread by some worthy whose name presently escapes me: of course, we got the shell (the form) as that is precisely what we went after and not the nut (the content - that is, his own beliefs and values).

I never had any communication from Erickson that indicated that he ever had any difficulty with the idea that we would model him.

I supose that in the midst of this speculation it is perfectly natural to pass over the one unambiguous statement he publicly made about the work Bandler and I did in favor of hallucinating your favorite response from a man you never met.

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