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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:6 step reframe
Posted by: John Schertzer
Date/Time: 26/12/2002 19:52:43

Okay, thanks again.  More to digest.

One thing I'm thinking, is if, in practicing 6 step reframing and the altered classic patterns one may eventually learn the same skill you spoke about here:

"[W]e had (through the processes describied in the five phases of modeling - especially phases two and three) acquired the ability to develop and sustain a relationship with the client's unconscious that made it possible for us to read the signals that are explicitly represented in step two in the 6 step reframing patterning."

You said this was explicit at the level of behavior.  Does that mean you were conscious of it from the beginning, or did it start out as an unconscious competence after you did the implicit modeling stages?  I imagine, if it was possible, that this would be something that the unconscious would be better at tracking than the conscious mind.  So, in a sense, the making explicit of the involuntary signal may be more of a training issue than one of application, in the long run.  Of course, I will find this out, as I go along explicitly using the signal, and experimenting now and then without the explicit usage, to see if it goes on automatic. 

I think I remember a lot of calibration exercises in my prac training that were grounded in positive and negative responses, rather than sorting for these responses in the learning of the patterns themselves.  I think we were supposed to carry this all forward, so I appreciate what my trainer was trying to do.  Though I can also understand how making it part of each of the patterns would be a more effective way of linking these skills.


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