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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:NLP and Tennis
Posted by: Gabriel
Date/Time: 03/01/2003 00:13:04

I can't answer with certainty... however I have a close friend who trained a few times with Pete and as far as he told me there was no NLP involved.

Pete's first coach had some background in physics (I believe he was an M.D. with other studies) and he studied the biomechanics of Rod Laver specifically to teach Pete how to hit the ball as perfectly as Laver. Pete back then had a two handed backhand and totally different style of play, however to persue his dream he changed his biomechanics to fit the "model" his coach presented to him.

Appears similar to modeling (in sense it might be) but not really NLP modelling. Specially if we base this conclusion on what is written about NLP modelling in WITW by John and Carmen.

But again, I am not close to Pete to know everything he has ever done.

Be well

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