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Topic: Re:Here's looking at you,kid.
Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 04/01/2003 01:41:23

Hello, Zhi Zhi Chien.

In the post that this post replies to, you wrote:

" now many of you have this condition whereby it is dawning on you that perhaps you might have been trained to signal to an operator by your 'other than conscious mind' by looking up and to the right that your are composing a then if an operator of your altered state could gain the compliance of your other than conscious mind to signal whether or not it was willing to communicate at all say by a finger signal or whatever why couldn't the operator of your altered state train you to signal when you are composing,reviewing,talking or feeling an experience?"

which I interpret to mean:

"People can choose to follow particular eye-movement patterns during communication with NLP professionals."

If you are an NLP professional aware that one of your NLP clients sometimes chooses to consciously direct his/her own eye-movements, you could:

1.  (nonverbally) give that client (nonverbal)behavior instructions that don't include eye-movement direction instructions.
You could do that by giving that client only those pattern instructions you already have that don't include eye-movement pattern instructions. 

2.  rely entirely on different information than that client's eye-movements to successfully communicate with that client.

By doing (1) and (2) you would help ensure that you are congruent in your application of NLP to that client.  That's what I think, anyway. 


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