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Topic: Re:Re:application puzzel/question
Posted by: Sherilla
Date/Time: 05/06/2002 03:29:43

nj, what an awful thing you suggest!  I appreciate your postive intention, but your behavior is rediculous. 

JR is treating me with tons of respect.  In fact, I spend most of my time with people over the age of 40, listening to them talk about their various areas of study and whatever.  They all treat me just as JR is; they don't talk down to me, and they assume that I have something to offer the conversation. 

Now if you are worried because JR offered to help my dad IF MY DAD should ever feel he is running oitu of choices with Danny, don't be.  My dad is looking forward to conversing with JR, and he very much appreciates JR's contributions to my questions.  So thanks for looking out for me, but please know that I think you might be the only kid in a compromised situation in regards to JR.  That last sentence only makes the sense I intended if you read it very fast with your eyes closed.

Now, JR, I'll respond with a new post because I've already said enough in this one...


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