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Topic: Re:Re:Definition of pattern
Posted by: Zhi Zhi Chien
Date/Time: 07/01/2003 15:58:29

To Dr. Grinder and Ms. Bostic,

meta programmers,meta staters,msw's,hypnotists/carotid artery0,radial artery.,muscles weakness,high cortisol levels,restricted renal cirulation,blood deficiecy,wind disorders.
/ slash mark
0 size of caratid artery palpated and compared to radial
. size of radial artery
carotid artery three times larger than radial
pulse rate 80 pm

Dr. Erickson,exemplar,physiology/Dr.Grinder,modeller,not Dr.Erickson's phisiology but skill
It seems to me that being able to get away with the skill and not the physiology is an abilty worth modeling.
My question is this:
How do you account for that?
Is it inherent in your personal physical discipline?
What is that if I may ask?
In having listened to yourself and Dr. Gilligan in Tools for Mastery Gilligans contraction of various physical problems like Dr. Ericksons was attributed to(I'm paraphrasing, provocatively I hope)to Gilligans "identity or lack of".Please add or subtract to this.
Ms. Bostic,would you comment about this abilty? From your perceptial positioning can you give an accounting of internal/external behaving for that skill?

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