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Topic: The Spirit of this forum
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 20/01/2003 00:16:19

Dear all

Web master post: The spirit of this forum

This forum went live in March 2002 to discuss topics related to John and Carmenís book Whispering in the Wind. Since then we have had 2,072 posts. My guess is at about a sixth of the posts are questions to John Grinder. To keep the discussion focussed, from time to time I draw attention to the six categories of discussion that we request you use as topics for your posts. For newcomers you can see the topics at the foot of this post.

As I have asked many times in the past please keep your posts relevant to the topics and include the topic title in your post.

The original goal of this forum was for people within the NLP community to have a medium of exchange to discuss the contents and recommendations in Whispering in the Wind to develop and extend the field of NLP.† When we started John and Carmen were planning to make contributions to help guide the discussion. They were not seeking to set up a question and answer forum with John Grinder.

I am sure we can all acknowledge that John and Carmen have been brilliant in answering questions. Just recently the demands for responses to questions that have little or no relevance to the forum topics or Whispering have become excessive.† John and Carmen are not in a position to offer a reply to every question presented to them in the forum, especially the type of questions that are not relevant to Whispering or the forum topics.†

Below are some suggestions for asking questions of John and Carmen

1.Keep the question relevant to our topics and Whispering in the Wind?
2.One question per post -PLEASE
3.Read the book before you ask a question (J&C; have re written the book several times over, in response to questions that are adequately covered in the book)
4.Use the search button to sort for the topic you are asking a question on before you ask. You might find your question has been answered and you can build on the content of a previous thread in new thread
5.As well as asking a question offer a contribution, maybe your perspective on the question you are asking.

With respect to John and Carmenís posts please do not copy and paste their contributions to any other media without asking first. When I say other media I am referring to other sites, books you are writing, brochures, thesis or dissertations you are working on.

I have found a case where Harlan Kilstein† asked a question in this forum of John Grinder regarding the Physiology of Excellence pattern. John gave his usual detailed reply thinking he was helping† Kilstein† out with the question. Johnís reply now exists on web site† selling a video for $97.77† featuring someone called† Menachem Kasdan demonstrating† the Physiology of Excellence pattern. John is not endorsing this product, although many buyers might well think he is. This was done without Johnís knowledge or permission. Whatís more the owner of this site (the domain registrant is Harlan Kilstein) has used the Grinder name as a search engine registration tag (and paid Google) to attract visitors to the site in question. This behaviour is blatant abuse of the spirit and ethics of this forum and the generosity of John and Carmenís contribution here in replying to questions. You can draw you own conclusions on this behaviour. If you feel strongly enough about it- let the owners of the site know your thoughts -

On a similar vain, offer owners of other web sites the same courtesy as I am requesting in this post with respect to copying content. Please do not copy other peopleís material onto the discussion board without permission from the author. I recently removed a Richard Bandler article that was posted here because the contributor copied it without permission. To see the article go to

More positively I have really enjoyed the quality of the posts over the last few weeks. In the 9 months we have been live we have had over 2000 posts. The web traffic is really high in the forum; We get up to 200 unique visitors a day. I wonder why they donít say anything.

This forum presents an exciting opportunity to interact with the authors of Whispering and one of the co creators of NLP. There are many ways to interact. I would really like to see more posts reporting your personal adventures of NLP application, design and modelling.

All the best

Michael Carroll
Web Master

Here are the Topics of discussion. Please indicate in your post title or the first line the topic your post focuses on.

1. Modeling
2. Applications
3. New Code
4. Proposed Solutions to Puzzles and Recommendations
5. Origins and Definitions
6. Epistemology

What a wonderful choice..... happy posting

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