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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Bandler and fun
Posted by: Michael Worthington
Date/Time: 21/01/2003 21:54:39

I agree starting with a K can make one K-ell of a diference. Before I did some training with Richard last year most of my work with clients started with a v. I have to say I dont consciously remember being taught to start with a K but my method of work changed. We can remember how a feeling feels can we not. It seems to me that starting with a nice k in some cases can make a problem shrink and shrink until you dont even remember why it was you were paying a therapist money. Also I find it to be a nice way of interupting a pattern, for some reason clients seem to put on a pretty awful k just before entering the therapy setting. In fact they seem to good at starting with a k just before they tell you whats wrong. Year lets create a really awful feeling and then think about what brings me here.

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