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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Moshe Feldenkrais
Posted by: Eric
Date/Time: 15/02/2003 02:12:11

Hi John,

Thanks for the historical notes and comments, and encouragement to code anything not already coded.

What were the results of the "miracles" you performed with wheelchair bound people in London? And what do you think the components of each technology were?

Several years after my initial exposure, and one year after my NLP practitioner training, my college offered a 5 day Feldenkrais class, which consisted of 5 hours of exercises with an hour and a half interim each day.

During and after the sessions, I experienced states that were similar to a "know nothing" state, as well as deep trance states. Besides what goes on at a physical level, a Feldenkrais session seems to be similar to constant handshake interupts, a repeated kinesthetic interrupt.

Feldenkrais involves interrupting wired in nervous system patterns. This may lead to increased congruency in a person because several conflicting motor sequences would not be running at the same time.

Feldenkrais for me was the piece that delivered kinesthetic congruency at a deep level, in terms of aligning my physiology with the strategies, chains of states, and shifts in suggestion that experience with NLP applications had delivered.

After the Feldenkrais workshop, I noticed the following:

1. Increased kinesthetic congruency between my words and states.

2. Increased ability to be in uncontaminated states and ability to keep them separate.

I assume both of these benifits occur because other pre-programmed physiological patterns weren't operating simultaneously.

If so, my guess is that the only way to do that would be with the actual movements. This leads me to think that the process may be at it's most mimimal form already, and would not be possible to reduce further.

Incidentally, quite soon after the Feldenkrais work, my ability to use NLP patterning both with myself and others skyrocked, (languaging, deep trance games, acting with very fine states of focus, etc.) as well as a number of communication breakthroughs in my ability to work with others.

- Eric

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