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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Moshe Feldenkrais
Posted by: Eric
Date/Time: 17/02/2003 05:31:30

"It seems to me that there is an element of functioning that differentiates what Feldenkrais does from the level that strategies are presently coded at. Hense the value that Feldenkrais added to someone with deep experience of NLP applications."

Ryan, John,

I put this idea to the test last night.

Yesterday evening, I was put in a context where I was exposed to a stimuli that I'd done a number of swishes on several years ago.

7 or 8 years ago, I smoked on a regular basis - kindof a teenage thing. I haven't smoked in 6 years. I don't usually hang around at clubs, but last night, a friend draged me to a smokey bar to hear some music. This context put me in an environment where a state (posture, micro-motor movements, etc.) that was quite old became triggered. Normally, I would have done a swish pattern in such a situation, but (with my saftey line firmly established) I decided to try some Awareness Through Movement (Feldenkrais) excerises first as an experiment.

After making a couple minor movements ("What is the smallest movement can you make lifting your left shoulder up? Your right shoulder? How small a movement you can make constricting your chest muscles? Your side muscles?...") the physiology had shifted so much, that I entered a sequence where I wouldn't possibly consider doing such a thing. All this without interrupting the strategy I had for being at the club, enjoying the music.

Unless it's possible to run several strategies at one time, I would say that there was some fundamental difference between the Feldenkrais changes and altering strategies (at least as I know them.)

Any comments?

- Eric

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