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Topic: A question of ethics?
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 21/02/2003 00:30:59

Dear all

Every now and again a specific person who I will not name, but letís call him Mickey Mouse seeks to profit from deceiving the public by falsely using the John Grinder name to sell videos. These videos are not in any shape or form connected or endorsed by John Grinder. There is no lost technique either.

The sales pitch leads the reader to believe 2 things which are totally untrue; one being that Grinder features in the said videos the second being that the videos are banned.

I will not name the person in the videos that Mickey Mouse is selling, but letís call him Donald Duck.

There is no need to give Mickey and Donald further publicity to their shady enterprise by talking about it in this forum. If you want to buy videos with Donald Duck in, I suggest the Disney store. You probably will learn more from the Disney cartoon characters. I do suspect the ones sold featuring our Donald sold by our Mickey are more entertaining. So if you want a good laugh seek them out. I can think of better ways of having fun, than indulging buffoons who are fooling themsleves more than anyone.

That's all folks

Michael Carroll

PS: My apologies to all of you who love the real Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. These are totally respectable cartoon characters who would never indulge in such unethical behaviour.

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