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Topic: Modeling
Posted by: Michael
Date/Time: 24/02/2003 11:34:01

Dear John,

This strategy is the strategy you so beautifully explain in Whispering. When you modeled Milton, you could “become Milton” and see your clients “as Milton”. Ie: you spoke like Milton, moved like Milton etc.

Using this way of modeling I have experienced learning at rates that I can only call outstanding. It’s phenomenal.

My question is: how do you model someone who displays a skill that is manifested very differently (at least at the surface structure level) in multiple contexts?

For example: someone who is extremely happy.

I’m a pretty happy guy and I know that my “strategy” for happiness changes depending on the context. I feel happy differently when challenged vs when I’m with someone I care about and there are no distractions etc.

If I want to model a skill set that is manifested differently in different contexts, do I have to go through each of those contexts “being the model” (ie: Deep trance identified?).

This is interesting for me as the model I’m modeling currently, demonstrates the skill very differently in different contexts. I presume there are common patterns across contexts (deep structure) but I need to first learn the skill set unconsciously as described in Whispering.

On an interesting: having done a really thorough and detailed DTI a few weeks ago, I found that even though “I was the model” in a certain limited context (doing therapy), the “model of the world” I learnt from doing the DTI impacted my whole life in multiple contexts. However, I didn’t get the quality of learnings in contexts outside of working with clients that I experienced in the context of working with clients.

So, in essence: how did you ensure your modeling of Milton spread usefully into every area of your life you wanted it to? Did you live as Milton for weeks on end in your personal life, business life, etc? Or, even though I doubt this :) , did the useful aspects of Milton’s skills and model of the world only spread into other areas of your life (ie: non therapy) after you had made explicit the patterns Milton used?

Thanks for your help and for continually giving so much on this forum, John!


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