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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Feed Forward of Experience
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 26/02/2003 21:10:13

Hi Eric

1. You wrote,

"...that much of what we do in NLP with beliefs involves removing old beliefs, and therfore removing the perceptual costs of old beliefs"

I would say that quite differently - more like, much of what I do in NLP with beliefs is to create a context in which the person with the limiting belief (one that they consider limiting) has an experience that is precisely one of the set of experiences that are counter-examples to that limiting belief- typically with behavioral presuppositions that prevent the client from recognizing the intention behind the task - see Whispering pages 204 - 207. Once the experience is safely nestled in that person's neurology, the belief system will move to a position of congruency with the actual experience - the counter-example.

2. You wrote,

"Ok, a non-verbal response system says that that is mostly ture, but not exclusively. Of course, that response was coming directly from my conscious mind!"

Check with the boss!

3. You wrote,

"Of course. I misintrepred that you were arguing against having any beliefs whatsoever."

There are two levels to this that I failed to distinguish properly:

professionally, I accept the right of any client to maintain belief systems

personally, you were not nisinterpreting, you had it right the first time.

The more general point is to recognize that there is a price associated with such filters and to make the set of decisions that you want keeping this cost in mind.

Over the long run, the warrior's ability to change belief systems like a shirt and be congruent within each such belief system is functionally equivalent to having no beliefs - just a rich set of choices about how to interact with the world and especially other adventurerers - even those that don't realized that this is the only adventure available.

All the best,


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