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Posted by: Eric Rudnick
Date/Time: 27/02/2003 19:50:35

Ok, John.

I concede that the top part of this thread is off topic according to your rules.

I thought about the answer to my riddle this morning.

I wrote:
"You are given a person to work with theraputically. A woman walks in to a room for you to do therapy with and you realize that she is both deaf and blind. How do you proceed?

John Responded:
"I suggest that you offer your solution this time -I responded to the last trick question.  The strategy is obvious to me (I have had such cases) and is roughly equivalent to the initial steps I learned in training horses."

I would gain some trust with friendly physical gestures (perhaps a handshake, or whatever's appropriate). Then, I would, with permission, move her physically into a series of postures designed to set off and identify negative sequences of states. Once I'd identified the one, based on her reaction, that is the one she desires changed, I would begin a series of larger level physical adjustments to interrupt and break those motor sequences. Then, put her back in larger classes of movements that would include the negative sequences as a test, and see if the interruptions generalized into different and better responses.

That's hypnothetical in the sense that I've never worked with someone who didn't have working eyes and ears. That answer is not hypothetical in the sense that I've done the same thing with successfull results for those who see and hear with full and vibrant capacity.

- Eric

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