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Posted by: kc
Date/Time: 01/03/2003 16:14:52

Michael Carroll

On 2/27/03 00:52'56

you write the following excerpt:

"So compare the above steps for the modeling written up in Whispering see page 349 to 350. I have written the modeling steps at the bottom of this posts. So if you study both procedures'
you will see that NBG is different from true modeling as you don't have access to to the
model using NBG. 
The two sequences are different  in the sense that NBQ is about leArning a new beHavior  by changing Perceptual Positions and Modeling
isof course about coding taCit knowledge  so it becomes exPlicit. MoDeling is a laRger chunk."

You go on to write "If you're seeking similiarity from the two process's the perceptual position shift in the NBG and the unconcious uptake in in the modeling process are similiar because you are adJusting your fiLters to exPperience  the world from the peRspective of anOther with the goAl of
leArning new beHaviors. Back to diFFerences with moDeling you have direct access to."

Question: what does direct access (New Code procedures) provide me that indirect (NBG)
does not? Why is new code more informative and useful to use? How ?  And if I used J or R's  NBG model before I met the source  first hand would I be biasing my ability to use my new code procedures properly? Or would there be a benefit for me to start by shadow boxing using the NBG PRODCEDURES FIRST first before I meet PERSONALLY with a model?

I would appreciate you attention here to act on my email as I am right now at present looking to adjust A few unconcious filters ffffor my present modeling model of the world so that I may enrich my model of my world descriptions possibly from your or John or Carmens or others perceptual position here...........

thank you
Michael Carroll

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