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Topic: Beyond Belief
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 01/03/2003 20:36:22

Hi John,

I have been rather too busy of late....however the following quote did intrigue me and get me thinking...

You wrote: "Over the long run, the warrior's ability to change belief systems like a shirt and be congruent within each such belief system is functionally equivalent to having no beliefs - just a rich set of choices about how to interact with the world and especially other adventurerers - even those that don't realize that this is the only adventure available."

When I tried that belief on for size I felt very strange indeed. At one level I had a sense of complete liberation...lots of choices...the thought that I could "fit in" wherever I went...At another level (a higher one it seemed) I had a total sense of loss...loss of identity...with the thought "who the hell am I?" ...very disconcerting and disorienting!

When you talk about functionally having no beliefs does that include core beliefs about self? It seems to be me that Whispering is written out of a set of beliefs/values that promote personal congruence, integrity and impeccability. As such you seem to hold on to them as a feed forward filter whilst being completely adaptable about which other beliefs to "dress up in" today. i.e. a strong sense of self and what you are about. Could you say some more about that to help clear my confusion?

Thinking about my patient's - and my own - as yet unresolved issues then with your quote in mind we could say that the situation is resolved when they - and me - can congruently choose to adopt whatever beliefs caused the issue in the first place...prescribing the symptom as choice.

Still pondering,


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