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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Beyond Belief
Posted by: Martin Messier
Date/Time: 03/03/2003 22:05:32

Hi Lewis et all,

I encourage you to not only go beyond belief but also beyond identity. You are already aware that these exercises require caution and preparation. And it's definitely a good thing that you're exchanging with Dr. Grinder on this topic. He's the only one I've found in the NLP literature who IMO adequately discusses this process and how to prepare for it -- contextual markers, unconscious screens, etc.

"A man goes to knowledge as he goes to war, wide awake, with fear, with respect, and with absolute assurance. Going to knowledge or going to war in any other manner is a mistake, and whoever makes it will live to regret his steps."
Don Juan

Dr. Grinder suggests that congruence, integrity, and impeccability are loaded terms and I fully agree with him. I'll even add the term "identity" to the list. Let's simply say that as your definition of these terms shift, your understanding and possibilities of "beyond belief" shift as well.

All the best!


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