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Posted by: Zhi Zhi Chien
Date/Time: 16/03/2003 15:51:08

To Tony&incompetent;,
Hemlock:also known as Herb Bennet,Spotted Corobane,Musquash Root,Beaver poison.

The juice of hemlock was frequently administered to criminals.
Hemlock in modern medicine is due chiefly to the recommendation of Storch of Vienna since 1760.As a medicine, Conium is sedative and antispasmodic, and in sufficient doses acts as a paralyser to the centers of motion.On this account Hemlock juice is prescribed as a remedy in cases of undue nervous motor excitability such as teething in children,early stages of paralysis agitans in acute mania.In overdoses it produces complete paralysis with loss of speech.
Coles' Art of Simpling:"If Asses chance to feed much upon Hemlock they will fall so fast asleep that they will seeme to be dead, in so much that some thinking them to be dead indeed have flayed off their skins."
It is placed in Table II of the Poison Schedule.

(If using now call 911 immediatley and seek help for your problem!)

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