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Topic: Re:Re:Re:NLP new code jargonese
Posted by: Edwin Schuetter
Date/Time: 18/03/2003 04:01:43


New code in my unexplored estimation started I would have to only assume with a twinkle and hope in John and Carmen eyes. I would again assume only it has now grown into a natural consequence for the new code authors and other followers who are building, locating,finding and indexing I would then imagine more useful ways to do things first (experience )and define things so they can be repeated or transferred to others second. Which will natural-ly
build more creativity by repetition and practice and accidently find other new patterns. Or did the new pattern find you? Your choice, of course, I think?

BTW New code technology does  not end with John and Carmens models how ever. Enjoy your findings you self.

Good luck Sid

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