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Topic: Whispering in a gale.
Posted by: Nick Irving
Date/Time: 20/06/2002 10:29:11

I recently read your book. Thanks Ian Newton. I thought it was excellent and thought provoking. I found it to be consistant with some of the ideas from cognitive science and I liked the way you referred to the idea of Fauconnier's "mental spaces". I also thought you were very congruent with the ideas of George Lakoff. I am interested in how NLP as a discipline could be integrated into the "mainstream". I have a sense that sometimes NLP can be dismissed as a fancy manipulative marketing tool by some people. I think that if this is a predominant perception NLP will have a shorter shelf life. I have found it to be very useful. I also like the distinction that you made about 1st 2nd and latrogenic change. An interesting ethical veiwpoint as well as a very useful supervision/clinical tool.  I spent ages working through the appendices to Structure of Magic. I am glad that you have made more of the ideas that were implicit in that original book much more explicit in this one.

Thanks again I hope to meet you one day.

Cheers Nick Irving

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