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Posted by: Carol
Date/Time: 28/03/2003 17:35:45

Good points.  After writing his final formal book on philosophy, Steiner said, "I am only interested in philosophy to the extent that it is a description of individaul experience." Even though The Philosophy of Freedom is written in that Germanic clunkiness, I believe it exudes Steiner's personal experiences in coming to understand the process of 'choice'.  If you read his prelude dissertation, "Truth and Knowledge" Steiner actually presents a sensory-grounded methodology that anybody can investigate and utilize for their own research.

How does all of this relate to "Whispering"? Easy: the NLP community absolutely needs to be able to increase its flexibility in terms of epistemological/experiencial conversations.  I don't think I'm helping with this post in those regards, but anytime we discuss the work going into articulating the nature of perceiving and knowing, we are doing important stuff.

Carol Hitchens

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