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Posted by: Robin Manuell
Date/Time: 07/04/2003 15:57:06

A first starting point would be or

David Chalmers has compiled a list of online resources on the philosophy of counsciousness from a cognitive science perspective mainly. 
I've glanced through some of the articles but not had time to check the quality.  the theory of neural networks is usually refered to as connectionism.

The classic work on neural networks- is

Rumelhart D., G. Hinton, and J. McClelland, 1986 "Parallel Distributed Processing"  MIT Press

The classic starting point for arguements concerning neural networks and Von Neuman architecture is

Fodor, J., 1975: The Language of Thought, Harvard University Press, Cambridge.

Intrigueingly I have just found out that Turing did actually imagine and develope the idea of (a certain class of) Neural Networks although his contribution is largely ignored in connectionist folklore.  See

for more details.

My philosophy tutor when I was an undergrad was Andy Clark and he is probably the person best placed to comment on current trends in connectionism.  An example of his work can be found at:

interestingly this paper "Magic Words" has some relevance to the (offline) discussion we were having about the origins of language.  His home page is

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