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Topic: Re:Re:Rapport
Posted by: Pete
Date/Time: 13/04/2003 12:47:27


You have discussed 'trust' as a characteristic of rapport. I would like to ask about 'liking' as an element of rapport.

Does the person have to 'like' or feel good feelings towards you for you to be in rapport with them? The reason I ask is, I am good at getting people to like/bond with me, but I seem to do it at the expense of congruently 'being myself.' In other words, I will adapt my behaviour/language to elicit a positive response. I would much sooner just be myself with people - but I think I would have less rapport with people as a result.

I guess the question would be - How do you (particularly as someone whose thinking/attitudes probbaly differ from the masses) have rapport with people while congruently being yourself.

Also, part of my work involves presenting to groups - should I be thinking about/reacting to whether they feel good about me/ like me as a presenter. Will I lose rapport with them if I don't?



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