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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:New Code Videos
Posted by: Robin Manuell
Date/Time: 14/04/2003 14:48:52

I don't know how things stand in the states Richard but in this country NLP, hypnosis, hypnotherapy and other complimentary or alternative therapies are not licensed or regulated by any goverment body.  I believe you have to do a diploma course to call yourself a hypnotherapist but these courses are run by businesses who operate according to commercial considerations.

On a personal note I have no interest in whether or not a particular institution has acredited someone as a therapist as in my experience this gives little or no indication of

1) how good they are
2) how ethical they are (and whether their ethics are congruent with mine)
3) Whether I'll get on with them enough to make the experience work.

I have found this information is best provided by:

1) contacting the therapists previous clients
2) spending an introductory session with the therapist and asking lots of questions.

Any genuine and effective therapist in my experience will be happy to refer me to previous clients and to see me for a free consultation session.

The people I have found most vocal in demanding licenses and accreditation are actually therapists who have invested a lot of time and money in getting their own and think everyone else should do the same.

If you are aware of an accreditation/ licensing scheme that offers

1) on going supervision of the therapists practise- for helping the therapist deal with novel situations and for making sure the therapist keeps safe themselves.
2) ethical guidelines and the mechanism for policing them
3) Insurance policies for therapist / client to back up 2)

then I would be very interested to hear as I think these are issues which are not currently effectively addressed in the UK anyway.


Robin Manuell

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