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Topic: Conditioning
Posted by: Martin Messier
Date/Time: 15/04/2003 16:24:59

Dear John and Carmen,

How do you define "conditioning" within the New Code? I understand it as a robotic execution of a pattern within a specific context.

At the same time, it seems that conditioning frees up conscious resources to focus on different matters. For instance, while I drive, I can literally warp into a different world and completely entrust my unconscious mind with the driving. In fact, I much prefer to drive unconsciously than consciously. My responses are a lot faster and more effective. I see a red light, my foot automatically goes to brake.

There seems to be a trade-off between freeing up resources and losing choice. What am I missing here? What other factors could be taken into account?

Conditioning can be extremely useful as a way to set a direction and keep it going without conscious attention. At the same time, the individual may want to interrupt or redirect that movement effortlessly when (s)he finds it appropriate. What conditioning and de-conditioning patterns can we use for those purposes?

Party on!


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