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Topic: Re:Conditioning
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 16/04/2003 22:36:46

Hi Martin


1. I don't define conditioning within the New Code. What emerges from the new code change format complete with game is a content-free high performance state that is automatically re-activated in the context selected or the set of contexts similar in its sensory overlap with the auditory and visual stimuli that define the context originally selected in step 1 of the new code change format. As it is a state (high-performance and content free that is anchored to the contextual cues, it constantly generates new behaviors - nothing robotic that I can find.

2. You wrote,

"There seems to be a trade-off between freeing up resources and losing choice. What am I missing here?"

The point you are apparently missing missing is the exercise of unconscious choice - the high performance state adapts itself to the requirements of the specific context that activates - all accomplished without conscious intervention (or you could, if for some strange reason you thought it useful to involve consciousness, do so).

3. You wrote,

"What conditioning and de-conditioning patterns can we use for those purposes?"

None -already covered by hooking up the content-free high performance state to the stimuli that define the context of applicaton.

In contexts outside of the application of the new code format, the question appropriately arises but not within such a set of contexts.


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