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Topic: New code versus Classic One
Posted by: JPG
Date/Time: 23/04/2003 08:06:35

Based on the presentation of the new code and also watching to some videos of RB, I think that the 2 co-creators of NLP are now much more emphasizing on the unconscious than it is coded in classic NLP (Practitioner/Master/Trainer).

Is that a post-hypnotic suggestion of Milton that took years to arrive at the awareness of JG and RB ? Or simply they did not have time to code it in classic NLP ?

I interpreted that in some way JG and RB are saying that M. H. Erickson was right in using the resources of the unconscious in therapy, learning, doing I also think I remember that Erickson did not want to make theory of his practice (maybe to avoid the usual tendency that people have to BELIEVE in models) and that his teaching was based on demonstrations and participations.

So in what way NLP is different of theory? Is it due to that it is based on the modeling of structure and not content?

The simple structure of the New code leads me to the conclusion that people have MAINLY to develop a greater collaboration between their conscious and unconscious mind?

Would not it be a great thing that to have a conscious model of how to teach people to have a better balanced between conscious and unconscious ?

I make the hypothesis that it could be quite disturbing for some people who have be teaching the classic code for long.

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