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Topic: Re:New code versus Classic One
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 24/04/2003 07:11:08


Several points:

You wrote,

"Is that a post-hypnotic suggestion of Milton that took years to arrive at the awareness of JG and RB ? Or simply they did not have time to code it in classic NLP ?"

No, as Carmen and I wrote in NLP, the failure of the classic code to map the involvement of the unconscious was a coding error. People who witnessed our actual performance can verify that indeed we took the unconscious responses most seriously and it was a systematic part of our work. Take another look at that portion if this is not adequate.

2. You wrote,

"So in what way NLP is different of theory? Is it due to that it is based on the modeling of structure and not content?"

Theories have far more criteria that they have to meet than a model - a model (again, I suggest that you re-read that portion of Whispering) either has the desired effects - do the people who absorb and apply the coded patterns move significantly to the quality of performance of the original model or not. NLP is a full contact sport not an armchair exercise.

3. You wrote,

"Would not it be a great thing that to have a conscious model of how to teach people to have a better balanced between conscious and unconscious ?"

Think about what you are asking - especially in light of the argument Carmen and I make in multiple places in Whispering that a conscious representation achieved prior to actual experience is one of the most deadly obstacle to actually learning to DO IT.

All the best,


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