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Topic: Re:Re:Internal Dialogue
Posted by: Pete West
Date/Time: 25/04/2003 10:06:03

Hi Stephen,

I am intrigued by your post.  You wrote,
"John Grinder suggested that the participants of the Austin, TX New Code training spend at least a week to track our internal dialogue. Explore the differences when we were speaking to ourselves in our own voice and when the voice belonged to someone else."
I am confused by the apparent ambiguity of the phrase, "when the voice belonged to someone else".  By this do you intend to refer to those instances when a given individual is engaged in an internal dialogue and unintentionally utilizing tonal qualities inconsistent with those associated with that individuals every day speech patterns?  Alternatively, do you intend to refer to those cases when a given individual has not only tracked and identified some of the patterns of his or her internal dialogue over a time frame of greater than or equal to one week, but also to those instances when he or she has significantly altered the auditory submodalities of the internal dialogue, with the intention of somehow interrupting the pattern of that internal dialogue?  At risk of sounding redundant, here is my sensory-based example of the string of lexical items that I probably just bored you with:
Over the course of one weeks time, I discover that I have the following pattern of internal dialogue when in the context of listening to someone who is rambling on about something that I am struggling to understand what the hell they're referring to:  "Is that code for something?", "What's your point?", or any other arbitrary string.  Are you suggesting that instead of internally asking those questions to myself with my own voice, that I instead ask them in the voice of say, Darth Vader?

-Pete West

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