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Topic: Re:Turn my world upside down
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 29/04/2003 21:35:57


There was never any proposal about a Cause-Effect relationship between the aerobatic experience and curing cancer.

What was proposed is that if you have the ability to discover through calibration what the unconscious of the client is instructing you to do, the most extraordinary consequence can ensue. In this particular case, by noting the marked out (analogue marking) phrase by the client and having the good fortune to have access to the special resources of an excellent aerobatic pilot, I succeeded in creating the requested context and the unconscious of the client did the rest.

You wrote,

"It is hard for me to believe that the entire medical and pharmaceutical system fails and such a "simple" intervention succeeds in the case of a life threatening disease."

OK, please note that I am not asking you to believe anything - I don't. I am suggesting that you train yourself to make such distinctions and explore the possibilities for yourself. The description of Susan was designed as one concrete example from my own experience which hopefully given how startling the consequences were will inspire others to investigate.


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