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Topic: Re:Neurological Levels and Chain of Excellence
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 29/04/2003 21:46:13

Hi Martin,

I think the point about Dilts Logical Levels is that they are neither logical nor a hierarchical level. To be so each of the lower levels would need to be subsumed in its entirety by the next level up...i.e a member of that set, incrementally.

As I see it now...and well before Whispering...Dilt's levels simply slice up the pie of experience in a particular way...somewhat arbitrarily. That's not to say that they are not useful...they are aide memoires for types of interventions. Yet as I see it they are also "handles" with which to access and anchor states. For me state drives/allows behaviour in any intervention...and state itself encompasses the descriptors outlined by Dilts in much the same way as the 7 blind men feeling different parts of an elephant all thought they were describing different things.

As for the chain of reading is that physiology seems to be the quickest and cleanest way into "state". As I see it it is not so much a hierarchy or ordering principle as a method of calibration...

Just my thoughts,


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