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Topic: to not to NLP, or not
Posted by: lenpoz
Date/Time: 11/07/2002 13:07:53

I have been curious about this for some time.  Suppose someone has been introduced to NLP and it's basic underlying patterns and models.  Is it possible to now go through the world consciously or unconsciously without NLP filters?  In other words, while engaging in regular conversation will the meta model always pop up in the back of someone’s mind (who specifically?, how do you know? compared to?, etc...) 

The second logical part to me would be:  If someone has the awareness of when interactions are being directed with intention can they not not redirect.  Or simply, can someone after working with NLP move towards unconscious incompetence?  If we were to skip over the part of why someone would want to,  and address only the idea of complete integration.


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