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Topic: Re:NLP and Tennis
Posted by: Steven Soden
Date/Time: 10/05/2003 18:55:20

Iven Lendol was the first "world class player" who used NLP around 1990. One ball bounce for a first serve two for the second. I don't know of any proffessional tennis players who hasn't used NLP since that time. Using NLP   teaching the game takes me an hour or less. Pete's sister has a degree in psychology  and is the women tennis coach at UCLA. Her players use NLP.  The youngest Collage All Amercian in sports  was a 15 year tennis player from Santa Barbara, which if where I I'm writing from. Do the takes and totes. How much is it worth to you be able play your best.   C3 TENNIS / SEE IT LEARN IT HIT TO WIN

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